Partner 9: Fin-Ceramica Faenza S.p.A., Faenza (RA), Italy

Fin-Ceramica develops, manufactures and markets innovative biomedical solutions for repair and regeneration of connectives following structural damage, ageing and degenerative diseases. The currently marketed products include bone graft and cartilage substitutes, prosthesis for knee and hip arthroplasty, cervical inter-body spacers as well as custom-made devices for the regeneration of massive cranial and skeletal bone defects. 

The company places significant efforts in research activities with 25% of employees engaged in the R&D department. A close and proactive collaboration of R&D with the marketing department and surgeons fosters market-driven research and innovation. The company’s R&D department has diverse equipment for biomaterial production and characterisation, including a pilot plant for nanoparticles production, TG-TDA, micro ATR FT-IR, spectrophotometer, dynamometer for tensile and compression mechanical test, automatic compression and tensile machine, milling ball, and automatic siever.

The technology platform includes know-how and patents on chemical modifications of ceramics and composites, industrial processing of 3D ceramic structures, and bone and cartilage tissue engineering techniques through combining autologous cells and biomaterials. All the company processes are carried out in compliance with a Quality Assurance System according to UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 designations. The company has been involved in several EC-funded RTD projects addressing technical, administrative, exploitation and legal issues associated with multi-disciplinary projects.

Role in the project: Fin-Ceramica will be involved in the preparation of optimal collagen-based scaffold for the manufacture in the bioreactor of tissue engineered cartilage grafts. Ultimately Fin-Ceramica will be involved in the assessment of an exploitation strategy for the future commercialisation of the engineered tissue medicinal product manufactured in the bioreactor.