Partner 5: Cellec Biotek AG, Basel, Switzerland

Cellec is a spin-off company of the Laboratory of Tissue Engineering at the Institute of Surgical Research and Hospital Management, University Hospital Basel. The company designs, manufactures and markets innovative bioreactors for 3D cell culture and graft generation, based on the know-how developed within the Tissue Engineering Group. The technology platform includes know-how and patents on perfusion bioreactors as well as protocols and processes for cell cultivation.

Although it is a small company, Cellec is embedded in a bigger and multi-disciplinary network that gathers together very experienced partners (research institutes, clinical centres and companies) focused on bioreactor development and exploitation. Thanks to this network, Cellec has a preferential access not only to a wide range of scientific and industrial expertise, but also to customers. The management team of Cellec is young, with multi-disciplinary backgrounds; it is supported by an advisory board and a board of directors which includes experienced senior executives, both from the scientific/technical and from the business/financial points of view.

Role in the project: Cellec will be involved in the development and qualification of the bioreactor used for the production of the cartilage grafts. It will also be involved in manufacturing the graft and together with the other companies will consider the preparatory steps necessary for commercialisation.